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tennis elbow (extensor tendinopathy)

This is a form of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) as it is often an overuse injury. The injury to the common wrist extensor muscle origin has two distinctly presentations: the most common is an insidious onset of pain, which occurs 24-72 hours after unaccustomed activity involving repeated wrist extension; the other clinical presentation is a sudden onset of lateral elbow pain associated with a single instance of exertion of the wrist extensors.

Most patients seek help only when function is impaired. The pain is commonly sited on the outside bony point of the elbow where the wrist and forearm muscles form the tendon that attaches to the bone.

The common site of the pain is normally at this point but it can also be slightly lower down in the forearm. The symptoms are normally pain on the outside of the elbow aggravated by gripping and lifting, and early morning stiffness.

It can be caused by tennis or other racquet sports, or a sudden increase in another activity such as pruning. If it is caused by increased tennis or increased practice particularly of a new stroke it should be mentioned to your coach. A change of racquet, one that is heavier or has a thicker grip can sometimes be the trigger of this condition.



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