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There are numerous causes of thigh pain. Thigh pain is divided into anterior or posterior thigh pain. Most commonly we see those that fall into the following categories:

Referred Pain:  Either from the lumbar spine, sacro-iliac joint or from the hip joint

Stress Fracture:  Stress fracture of the femur is uncommon, but an important diagnosis not to be missed.

Muscle Injury:  The quadriceps muscle group at the front of the thigh are a common site for contusions, particularly in contact sports such as football. A direct blow to the quadriceps will result in contusion with an area of tenderness and swelling worsened by active contraction and passive stretching of the muscle. The hamstring muscle injury is common to sprinters, hurdlers, and long jumpers. There is a tendency towards an increased incidence of hamstring injuries with increasing age.

Tendonitis:  An overuse injury affecting the tendon common to the quadriceps tendon above or below the patella (knee cap), or the hamstring tendon.

ITB Syndrome:  Common in runners, but can also be the result after a total knee- or hip replacement. A biomechanical assessment is imperative to find the cause of the problem.

Bursitis:  Inflammation of one of the fluid filled sacs around the hip joint that can give pain around the hip joint sometimes radiating down the thigh and leg. It is often painful when you lie on the affected hip.



   Biomechanical Assessment
   Exercise Programme
   Neural Mobilisation
   Soft Tissue Therapy


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