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Wrist pain normally falls into two groups: fractures / dislocations, and overuse injuries normally affecting the tendons. The overuse injuries are often in the news, with RSI (repetitive stress injury) often caused by the overuse, or poor postures adopted at computers, especially laptops. There were however many examples of RSI in the past with conditions such as Gamekeepers thumb.

Post Fracture Stiffness & Pain:  This occurs due to the wrist having to be immobilised in plaster for up to six weeks after the fracture.

Dislocation:  This will often occur in sportsmen, especially racquet players who put their hand out to prevent a fall or when running into the court wall. Cyclists are prone to wrist dislocations as a result of a fall. A fracture of one of the small bones in the wrist or a dislocation is some of the common injuries seen.

Tendonitis:  It is usually a slow onset of pain in the wrist with increasing pain and disability. It is often seen in people with highly repetitive jobs working in a poor biomechanical position such as computer or checkout operators. De Quervains tenosynovitis is a common injury to some of the wrist tendons that can be successfully treated   It is important to have a workstation assessment to try to prevent reoccurrence of the condition once cured.



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