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The high impact forces and the subsequent acceleration and deceleration of the body can lead to extensive musculoskeletal damage including fractures, soft tissue injuries and injuries to the articular cartilage of joints. Most frequently the neck is involved resulting in what is commonly termed whiplash or whiplash associated disorder (WAD). In the majority of cases symptoms are due to damage to the soft tissue structures and the discs, facet joints or nerves. These injuries can be extremely sore and debilitating. Most patients will make a full recovery.

All of our physiotherapists are highly experienced in treating WAD and musculoskeletal injuries resulting from road traffic accidents, and following a thorough assessment a treatment program will be developed to maximise your recovery. For many patients the road to recovery will start in hospital with the initial aim to get them mobile and independently functional. This will eventually end in rehabilitation to restore complete function to return to work and sport.


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