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Different electrotherapy modalities may be used to enhance tissue repair and provide pain relief following injury which are invariably used in conjunction with hands-on treatment. Only a few of these are extensively researched and recognized as being evidence-based.



Ultrasound therapy transmits sound waves through the bodys tissues stimulating a chemical reaction in the damaged tissue promoting and supporting the healing process. It reduces muscle spasm, accelerates haealing and assists in pain relief and constructive healing.

Interferential Therapy:

Interferential Therapy induces small electrical currents into the tissue and can be used on different frequencies for different effects, for example pain relief, muscle or nerve stimulation, promoting blood flow and reduce swelling and inflammation.


Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a portable unit which can be used by the patient at home. It is used for pain relief and will work on the same mechanisms as the interferential therapy. Patients are able to loan a TENS unit free of charge or may purchase one from the clinic if they find it beneficial for their symptoms.


Laser therapy emits beams of light into the tissue of the body stimulating a chemical reaction and having a similar effect to that of ultrasound through using light energy instead of sound energy.


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